Annual tourism festival

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-04 

On June 10, 2017, the Telford Union organized the 2017 annual tour and visited the two scenic spots of Xinchang Great Buddha Temple and Qianzhang Yougu (Glass Plank Road). Zhejiang Telford Precision Drive has 262 employees and 235 members. The union adopts a system that can be used to join the union, which increases the sense of belonging and happiness of employees, and reduces the distance between employees and the company. In the early days, the majority of employees put down their tension and busyness at work, and brought their family members on a spiritual journey. Laughing all the way, the must-go show on the car-sharing food. The big partners and small partners have come up with their own carefully prepared food, some are homemade, some are purchased, and the tea eggs are passed from front to back, and they turn into egg tarts, all of which save energy for the tour.

Two hours later, the car stopped at the foot of the Great Buddha Temple and felt a different mood. At this moment, the heart was empty. Everyone followed the tour guide and listened to her to introduce the splendid history of the Great Buddha Temple, its position in the development of Buddhism, and its cultural landscape. Water is flowing outside the temple, and the mist is framing inside the temple. It is the core area of the Great Buddha Temple. No matter what the purpose is to visit the golden body of the Buddha, no matter whether you have the most adequate mental preparation, as long as you step into the gate of the hall, everyone will feel an invisible shock. The treasure statue is solemn, kind-looking, and even smiles and stares at each "ordinary man", but no one can avoid this feeling. The Buddha Statue is 2 meters high, 13.74 meters tall, 4.8 meters high on the head, 2.8 meters long on the ears, and 1.48 meters long on the nose. The proportion of the entire statue is coordinated, which fully considers the perspective of people's viewing. And the statue art of the Great Buddha Temple, the harmony of the building and the environment is difficult to fully express in any words and languages. Only when you are there can you realize the mystery of it. Only then deeply realized that the greatness and strangeness of nature.

I visited the Great Buddha Temple in the morning, and came to the building of Feilongzhan Road in the afternoon. It is located on the cliffs of Taitou Mountain and Laochuanyan Scenic Area in Xinchang 19th Peak Scenic Area. The flying dragon bridge is composed of a glass path of 128 meters in length, a glass observation platform of 4.5 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width, and a flying dragon bridge of 138 meters in length. Before they arrive, everyone's faces are full of strangeness, some are eager to try, some are bluffing, some are really frightened, and more are fighting in heaven and humans, looking at each other with different expressions and brilliant. Sure enough, as soon as the boardwalk went, some of the friends went swimming all the way and also played selfies; some looked up to the sky and didn't squint; some ran forward with their eyes closed all the way, and applied the popular sentence. "Wonderful don't don't". The happy time is always short. The trip to Xinchang is over. While we carefully reflect on this trip, we must start preparing for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work, contribute their own strength to Telford, and build this big family together. Because we are all family.