Donate to Fuxing Campus of Yuxin Primary School

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-04 

After continuing to donate books to the Fuxing Campus of Yuxin Primary School in June 2015 and May 2016, the Honglee Party Branch came to the school again on May 24, 2017 under the leadership of Secretary Xiao, and this time donated sports equipment , Including basketball, table tennis, badminton, and more.

Yuxin Primary School Fuxing Campus is a privately-run primary school for migrant workers in Pinghu. Due to the nature of the school and the particularity of its students, the funding for running the school is tight and the conditions for running the school are more difficult. 

Secretary Xiao had a cordial conversation with the headmaster of the school to understand the situation of school running and student education. Principal Jin mentioned that due to various conditions, the polarization of students was more serious, and some parents did not pay much attention to their children's education, which also led to lower school enrollment rates. At the same time, I also thank the Manulife branch for this caring activity.

Secretary Xiao also said that similar public welfare activities will continue in the future, and he also hopes that more people from all walks of life will pay attention to and care for the education of children of migrant workers. Change the status quo through the power of society, let all children stand on the same starting line and work hard!

Honglee Party Branch May 24, 2017