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119 fire promotion day, start a safe construction journey together!


November 9 this year is the 27th "119 Fire Promotion Day" in the country. In order to consolidate the results of Ping An Construction, and further increase the awareness and participation of trade union organizations at all levels in the development zone on Ping An Enterprise, Ping An Village Community, and Ping An Economic Development, the morning of November 9, The launching ceremony of a series of activities organized by the safety supervision station and fire station together with the “Joint Labor Union Safety • Building a Safe and Economic Together” was held in Zhejiang Huacheng Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. Shen Qiang, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Yu Weiping and Fei Weifeng, leaders of the development zone, attended the meeting.


The meeting was chaired by Fei Weifeng, member of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone and Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources.


Zhang Hongmei, full-time vice chairman of the Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions, made work arrangements for this series of activities

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Statements by representatives of the chairman of the enterprise union and the chairman of the village community union union


Yu Weiping, the deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone (Zhongye Street) and the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, demanded that, firstly, in-depth publicity, strengthen training, and actively play a leading role; secondly, strengthen supervision, pay close attention to implementation, and seriously perform supervision duties; Third, we must actively mobilize, participate in the whole people, and do a good job of incentives, provide guarantees for the sustainable and stable production situation in the development zone, and create a good environment for safe development for the upgrading of the national economic and technological development zone.


After the Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Labor Unions Shen Qiang announced that the event was over, the participants watched the fire drill on the spot. The chairman of the enterprise union and the volunteers distributed propaganda materials such as production safety, labor protection, and fire protection for the whole people to the employees.

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It is understood that this year, the Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions continued to deepen the important role of the Chemical Industry Committee in the production safety of enterprises. Through the "Hot Shots of Safety Hazards" activity, a group of safety risks were discovered and rectified, and good results were achieved. Next, the District Federation of Trade Unions will carry out a series of activities such as safety knowledge promotion into enterprises, fire safety drill competitions, safety knowledge contests, and "mobile red flag" evaluations, etc., and comprehensively carry out safety production, labor protection, national fire prevention and other publicity activities, education and guidance The majority of employees establish a red line consciousness, strengthen the emergency rescue capacity building of enterprises, enhance the safety awareness and self-help and mutual rescue skills of union workers, and effectively protect the safety of employees' lives and production safety of enterprises.