Mid-autumn garden party

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-04 

Qiu Gaosuoshuang, Dangui fragrance, it is mid-autumn festival again. In order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditional Chinese national holiday, the Manulife Group Labor Union organized a Mid-Autumn Festival. Colorful flags and banners hung on the scene of the garden party, creating a strong festive atmosphere. This garden party has a total of game items such as rings, rubber bands, and darts. Each game has attracted the participation of many employees and their families. In different game areas, cheers and laughter come from time to time . Two of the most popular games are the ring game and darts, which form two long lines. Everyone is immersed in the joyous ocean of festival activities, enjoying this relaxing moment. Exquisite gifts and a joyful atmosphere make employees feel the company's care and love for them. The holding of a festival not only gives employees a relaxed environment, but also enhances the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the enterprise, thereby injecting new vitality into the development of the enterprise!