"Fu" is here

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-04 

On September 27, 2017, Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. In order to better stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees and reflect the company's care for the employees, the Telford Trade Union Committee sends festive benefits to each union member-kiwi per person. A box of condolences to employees for their hard work and sincere blessings.

However, the union has made adequate preparations for this benefit. The purchasing staff first investigated the fruit varieties, prices, and tastes in the fruit market, and retrieved samples for multiple people to taste. At the same time, they used the questionnaire to solicit employees' opinions. In the end, it was decided to release-kiwi.

The texture of kiwi is soft, and the taste can be said to be a mixture of banana, strawberry and pineapple. It has the effects of improving body activity, promoting metabolism, coordinating body functions, blocking carcinogens, enhancing physical fitness, and delaying aging. It can also lower blood lipids and blood pressure. It has good prevention and treatment effects on many common diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer, stomach disease, diabetes, hepatitis, digestive tract disease, urethral calculi, etc. It is a health-care fruit and has won everyone's favorite. .

Every time I think about the holiday season, a blessing and a love! A box of kiwis is not only a caring for employees, but also a beautiful wish for the company to build a win-win situation.