March employee birthday party

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-04 

In order to reflect the company's humanized management and care for employees, improve employees' recognition and belonging to the company, so that the majority of employees are truly integrated into the company's family, and thus maintain a better working mentality, and grow and develop together with the company . The Hongli union held a March birthday party centered on "The company is my home". Send birthday wishes to employees who have birthday in the month. At the birthday party, the leader dine with the employees, shared the birthday cake together, and gave away birthday gifts. Attendees, wearing birthday hats, enjoyed the scenes so that the staff deeply felt the warmth of the Manulife family. The birthday party has not only enhanced the feelings and friendship between employees, and enhanced everyone's understanding and communication, but also an effective form of continuously strengthening the construction of corporate culture. I believe that through the joint efforts of all Manulife people, we will definitely build a harmonious, loving, united and progressive team, and build a Manulife home full of tenderness and love.

Finally, I wish all birthday and upcoming birthday employees to be safe and young forever! In the years to come, life is happy and work is smooth! Work together to write the most magnificent chapter of our life for our common cause.