Introduction to union work

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-09-04 

With the guidance and help of the superior trade unions and the strong support of the company's party branch and administration, the Honglee Group's trade unions carefully implemented the spirit of the company's workers' congress, and in accordance with the overall requirements of the company's trade union work, "integrated efforts to promote development and serve a harmonious staff structure "As the guide," promote the construction of 'five-type' unions, learning teams and deepen 5S management "as the starting point, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, forge ahead and advance with the times, and strive to create" stable forward "Advanced technology, first-class indicators, beautiful environment, unity and harmony, safe and harmless."

1. Carrying out labor competition activities in flexible and diversified forms. In practice, we deeply understand that the development of labor competition activities is an important manifestation of implementing the fundamental guidelines of relying whole-heartedly on the working class; it is an effective way to increase the enthusiasm of employees and increase the productivity of enterprises It is an objective requirement to improve the overall quality of the workforce; it is also an effective way to promote the rapid and efficient development of enterprise production capacity, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Combined with the production reality of each company, formulate a year-round labor competition plan, clarify the guiding ideology of the competition, and establish the content and form of the competition. The labor competition is divided into three systems. Comparison and evaluation; the second is the individual labor competition, which reflects more work and more gains, and the monthly manifestation; the third is the special labor competition, which is a targeted short-term competition for the special requirements and situations that occur during a certain period of production and operation .

2. Solidly carry out mass technical innovation activities and build a platform for employee innovation and effectiveness. Mass economic and technological innovation activities are the best combination of the work of the trade union organization and the enterprise center. It is the best way for the trade union organization to meet the needs of employees and continuously improve the quality of employees. A good starting point, therefore, for many years, we have always insisted on carrying out various economic and technological innovation activities around key work of the enterprise, and insisted on conducting mass technical innovation and rationalization of proposals. We will make assessments-assessments-rewards-open, mobilize employees to actively participate, and carry out innovative tackling and rationalization proposal collection activities around issues such as production safety, technological innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and environmental governance. In the past two years, more than 30 effective rationalization suggestions have been solicited, and 9 technological innovation achievements have been obtained. 12 rationalization suggestions have been applied to production. At the same time, the company has done a good job in selecting and approving advanced employee practices, and five employee practices have been promoted.

3. Promote the overall level of the creation of study-type teams and teams. The team is the most dynamic cell of the enterprise, the basic unit for creating value, and the basic place for employees to learn technology, improve quality, and play a role. For the past two years, the group has insisted on improving the quality of team leaders as a key task. Focusing on the training of grass-roots team leaders, the labor union has organized backbone training classes for learning teams, "devil training camps for team leaders", and team building camps, etc., and has established a sharing platform for team construction. Led by the chairman of the trade union, organize a collective reading club for people above the supervisory level to share learning, exchange learning experiences, jointly urge, and read good books together. Through training and communication, the overall quality of the team leader has been improved, and the awareness and ability to create have been enhanced.

4. people-oriented cohesion, harmony as the precious to create brilliant, solid work to establish a harmonious labor relations enterprise establishment work To be invincible in the competition, the key is to establish a harmonious and stable labor relationship. In particular, the current severe situation of talent shortage has brought uncertainties to the stable and sustainable development of the enterprise. The necessity and urgency of the enterprise to build a harmonious labor relationship is particularly important. Over the years, the group has insisted on five must visits and three must talks in daily work. It has entered the hearts of employees, listened to their voices, stabilized their emotions, and built harmonious labor relations. The Group comprehensively implements the social security system for employees, safeguards the legal rights of employees, and distributes them in full according to their work. It also deepens the open and democratic management of factory affairs to ensure the democratic rights and interests of employees. To make it a platform for gathering people ’s hearts, communicating feelings, communicating with each other, and building a harmonious co-existence; continue to promote the in-depth development of “staff reading” activities, in terms of employee activities, mainly active grassroots, prominent mass, amateur, small And diversified cultural and sports entertainment activities, such as Mid-Autumn Festival gardens, fun games, movie appreciation, mountaineering, family education and knowledge lectures, etc., enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, promote the physical and mental health of employees, consolidate the morale of employees, and build A good cultural atmosphere. For many years, in order to solve the problem of unattended children in dual-worker families, the company has opened childcare classes to provide employees with free night-care services; the union has also carried out warm-up activities for Yuxin Elementary School for three consecutive years, sending school supplies, sports equipment, Fun toys, books, etc.

5. Improving labor protection networks, strengthening labor protection inspections, and constructing safety protection barriers Strengthening employee labor protection is the basic requirement for trade union organizations at all levels to perform their duties and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and is the basic way for trade union organizations to play their role. Manulife Group fully utilizes the advantages of the union in connecting the masses and organizing the masses, and has established and improved a three-level security management network mechanism with the general manager, department heads, and team leaders as the overall responsibility; the party branch, the union committee, and the Anhuan Group are the main bodies. The three-level labor protection supervision and inspection network has formed a new pattern of layered, standardized, and effective safety management covering the entire company. Based on the actual situation of the factory, the trade union actively cooperates with the administration and uses the “Ankang Cup” competition and “Safety Month Series of Activities” as carriers to inject new content into the labor protection work. For example, during the 2017 Security Month, a series of activities such as actively organizing labor protection inspections by employee representatives, taking photos of potential safety hazards, reminding colleagues of safety precautions, listing a habitual violation around them, and learning an emergency rescue skill, etc. In the future, the group's trade unions will fully perform the four functions of trade union maintenance, participation, education, and construction. Based on the principle of “close to the center and serve the overall situation; close to the grassroots level, play a role; close to employees, do more practical things”, We will do practical work, focus on the key points, and seek practical results. We will strive to build the union into a master's home and a loving home trusted by the party and government, and trusted by employees.