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Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-11-06 

In the autumn of October, the autumn winds are blowing, the Party Working Committee of Zhejiang Honglee Auto Parts Group joins hands with Yuxin Primary School to launch the "Golden Autumn Teaching Assistant" activity. Since its establishment, Manulife Party Working Committee has formed a "school-enterprise pairing" with Yuxin Primary School, and organizes "assistance, teaching, and construction" activities every year. With the strong support of the group's party branch and the company's trade unions, more than 20 people participated in face-to-face close communication with the students in the sixth grade and the third class through sharing and fun sports, which further extended the mutual distance. . At ten in the morning, the staff came to the school to pull banners, plan the venue, and set up props. The classmates looked at the props and gifts on the ground, excited like little magpies, and kept asking "What are you doing?", "What games will you have?", "Which class are you doing activities with?", Etc. Wait. The staff patiently answered the children's questions and stated that this is a long-term activity and we will play together when you are in the sixth grade.

Applause started today's event. The first link is "Let the flower of happiness bloom with grateful branches" to share. The three sharing teachers were welcomed by the children as soon as they entered the classroom. The teacher communicated with the students from three aspects: "What is happiness", "How to perceive happiness" and "Happiness comes from gratitude". During the sharing process, the children responded enthusiastically, and the teacher spoke passionately. When it comes to "how to be grateful to parents", the children said "don't make father and mother angry", "pour water for father and mother", "help wash the dishes", "help housework", etc. The Internet has criticized the post-zero zero for not knowing gratitude. Love needs to be passed on. When we treat others with love and kindness, our partners will also pass on this love. The entire sharing lasted nearly 40 minutes. At the end of the class, "I will honor the elders, respect the teachers, unite the students, study hard, work hard, and live up to the expectations of my parents and teachers. I will always be grateful for life. The solemn oath of complaining, giving, and returning society with a sincere heart "completed the sharing.

The playground was crowded with red flags. The second part of the activity is a fun game. There are four items: "rapid 60 seconds", "long dragon swinging around the stool", "eight-character wear flower jump rope", and "ping-pong dribble relay". When they arrived on the playground, the children couldn't help feeling excited and eager to try. However, even if I was tickled again, under the teacher's password, the formation, reporting, and grouping were orderly and organized.

The first was the "long dragon swinging around the stool". Ten children grasped the clothes of the front partner with both hands, connected them into a small dragon, and ran back along the "S" shape of the ten stools. The second thing to do is "Bazi character wear flowers jump rope." In the face of the beating long rope, some students showed timidity and did not dare to come forward. After a fierce ideological struggle, with the encouragement of the students, they broke through the psychological obstacles and jumped over this "blocker." Then there was a "ping-pong dribble relay race". In the face of naughty table tennis, some students took care of it and others passed quickly. The little table tennis also felt joy and danced among a group of children. The last game was "Fast 60 Seconds". This is a game that tests the knowledge. 26 cards represent different numbers in text, graphics, allegorical, homophonic and other ways. Students are required to divide into three rounds, each of which has 60 seconds to identify and arrange. After nearly an hour of intense competition, the four competitions were decided one by one, and the awards were also received. In the end, six (two) won three championships and one runner-up became the winner of the event; six (one) took three runners-up and one third runner-up followed, six (three) took one championship and three The third place ranked third.

Finally, Ms. Xiao Hong, Party Secretary of the Honglee Group, Mr. Xiang Guangyue, Chairman of the Group Labor Union, and other representatives of the Chairman of the Labor Union presented the children with pennants and prizes. The event drew a curtain of joy.

To be kind, to be good, and to be good is the brightest scenery of mankind; enthusiasm, care, and love are the most beautiful melody of life. The Manulife Group has always been known for its humanistic feelings: We hope to use this "Golden Autumn Teaching Assistant" activity to encourage more people to pay attention to and support basic education, especially the education of children of foreigners. The Manulife Group will also continue this activity as a long-term project. "Youth is strong, China is strong." This is not only the voice of Mr. Liang Qichao, but also our beautiful wish for the Chinese generations!