License modification filing Ministry of Communications reforms motor vehicle maintenance management

Editor:浙江宏利汽配集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-10-17 

Economic Daily-China Commercial Vehicles Network News On July 9, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Decision of the Ministry of Transport on Amending the" Regulations on the Administration of Maintenance of Motor Vehicles ", deleted all the contents of the motor vehicle maintenance business license, and established The system for the record-keeping of motor vehicle maintenance operations has been adjusted and optimized in accordance with the law and the relevant post-event supervision measures have been optimized. The new regulations will come into effect on June 21, 2019.

The Ministry of Transport also made an authoritative interpretation of the amendments to the Regulations on the Management of Motor Vehicle Maintenance. The amendments to the "Regulations" are closely centered on Decree No. 709 of the State Council on matters concerning the registration of motor vehicle maintenance and operation permits in the "Regulations on Road Transport". There are 34 amendments to the "Regulations".

(1) The entire contents of the license for maintenance and operation of motor vehicles have been deleted.

In accordance with the requirements of Decree No. 709 of the State Council, all provisions concerning the conditions for permits for maintenance and operation of motor vehicles, permit procedures, application procedures, permits, permit supervision penalties, and related matters have been deleted from the full text of the Regulations.

(2) Established a system for the record-keeping of motor vehicle maintenance operations.

In accordance with the requirements of the State Council Decree No. 709, the "Regulations" clarified the provisions regarding the record-keeping procedures, record materials, record acceptance, record changes, post-monitoring inspections of record-keeping matters, no charge for records, and announcement of record results. And the motor vehicle maintenance operator stipulated by the State Council shall comply with the motor vehicle maintenance operation business standards stipulated by the State Council ’s transportation authority, form a complete maintenance management record management system and procedures, and establish a motor vehicle maintenance management record management system.

(3) Adjusted and optimized relevant post-event supervision measures in accordance with the law.

In accordance with the State Council Decree No. 709 and Guofa No. 28 document requirements, the first is to maintain and strengthen the standards for maintenance operations. Motor vehicle maintenance operators are clearly required to meet the requirements for motor vehicle maintenance business standards formulated by the Ministry of Transport and carry out maintenance operations in accordance with the standards. The second is to clarify the system of detailed maintenance cost. After the maintenance operator completes the repair, he shall provide a detailed list of repair costs as the basis for the owner of the accountability. The third is to clearly establish the blacklist system requirements for maintenance operators and employees, and strengthen the credit construction of the maintenance industry. The fourth is to strengthen post-event and post-event supervision measures and illegal disposal measures for maintenance operators. If the maintenance operator has serious violations of laws and regulations, he may be fined according to administrative regulations until he is ordered to suspend business for rectification.